Brief Overview:

  • Complete vehicle and fleet maintenance log including all scheduled tasks and service history.
  • Creates customized vehicle maintenance schedules.
  • Alerts you when vehicle maintenance due dates are near.
  • Prints vehicle maintenance schedules plus complete vehicle service history.
  • Prints customized vehicle maintenance checklists of upcoming tasks with due dates.
  • Copy any of your maintenance schedules as a template when adding another vehicle to your fleet database. (Learn more…)
  • Network ready.
Don’t Miss This Key Point

Our fleet maintenance software calculates calendar due dates for preventive maintenance tasks defined in miles, hours or kilometers.  Other fleet management software does not tell you these calendar due dates.  Knowing calendar dates has several key advantages when tracking and scheduling fleet maintenance. (Learn more…)

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Additional Features . . . . . .(click here)

  • Also tracks unscheduled maintenance, unexpected maintenance and As-Needed maintenance.
  • Annual vehicle inspection dates are easily scheduled and tracked. (Learn more…)
  • Uses recent mileage (or kilometers) entered and automatically re-calculates future fleet maintenance due dates as needed.
  • Eliminates or reduces frequent odometer checks for maintenance due based on mileage or hour limits.
  • Easier to learn than other preventive maintenance software. Very quick learning curve.
  • Easy-to-read screens.  Sharp, well rendered fonts.  Straight forward menus.
  • Extensive context-sensitive help screens and new-user guided setup screens.
  • Network compatible.
  • Available spreadsheet export capability. (video demo)
  • When you complete a scheduled fleet maintenance task, it is automatically rescheduled for you.
  • Prints 35 reports plus hundreds of Ad Hoc query and report combinations.
  • Tracks costs, global views, built-in backup and more.
  • Also tracks building or equipment maintenance. An excellent CMMS software value.
  • Prints reports of warranty work done, all work done, future due dates, scheduled maintenance, all or specific vehicles and more.
  • Powerful yet easy drag-and-drop search and print feature. (video demo)
  • Keeps complete vehicle maintenance log of all work performed, repair costs and more.
  • Tracks preventive fleet maintenance costs by vehicle and total fleet service cost for all vehicles.
  • International currency symbols.
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule templates – any of your vehicle preventive maintenance schedules can be used as a template when adding another vehicle to the database. (Learn more…)
  • Automatically checks our website for free program updates and tells you when an update is available.
  • Low Maintenance – Does not require MS-Access, MS-SQL Server, ODBC or JET database drivers or software.
  • A true compiled executable program – much faster and much smaller footprint compared to the typical Microsoft Access app you might find elsewhere.
  • Global views! Not limited to viewing just one vehicle at a time. Just click the All Vehicles tab to display schedules or fleet maintenance log history for all vehicles at once.
  • Built-in data backup. Backups can be configured to your preference.
  • Cloud backup compatible (Dropbox, OneDrive, Crashplan, etc.). Cloud backup demo.
  • No internet connection required to use FleetVIP once installed.
  • Keeps your notes and comments on each vehicle, vendor, scheduled task and completed task.
  • Easily tracks multiple vehicles and maintains a separate maintenance log for each one.

FleetVIP delivers a powerful combination of advanced software technologies. Here’s how they work.

Including timeline consistency checking, learn mode, calendar dates for variable-time tasks and date callouts for double-limit tasks!

First – FleetVIP scrubs the data as you enter it

and verifies what goes in makes sense. Then we apply our exclusive timeline consistency checking.

Example: If you say a vehicle has 5,000 miles on it today, we won’t let you say it has 4,900 miles on it next week.

That way you have a consistent timeline for all activities entered.

Next – Our Exclusive Learn Mode

FleetVIP learns how much each vehicle or equipment unit is used. This memory is updated whenever you complete a task.

So if you were using a particular truck at a very high rate last year but now you don’t – FleetVIP will learn that.

This allows FleetVIP to automatically adjust upcoming due dates based on changing vehicle usage patterns!

Then FleetVIP converts miles, hours or kilometers to calendar due dates !

FleetVIP does internal calculations to determine the upcoming due dates for both non-calendar limits (hours, km, miles) and fixed calendar limits.

And for double-limit tasks, it compares the two internal due dates to tell you which date comes due first.

Bonus – This means FleetVIP eliminates daily odometer checks because now you have actual dates!

The result – Now you know the correct due date for every task!

You can manage preventive maintenance more cost effectively and more easily because FleetVIP is date-driven and eliminates the obsolete guesswork of using miles, hours or kilometers.

Only FleetVIP does this. Others give you a computerized ‘windshield sticker’. FleetVIP gives you actual due dates!

Key Benefits of Using Fleet Maintenance Software

  • On-time fleet maintenance helps maximize fleet safety and minimize legal liability risk. If you doubt this benefit, just ask you fleet insurance carrier.
  • Fleet maintenance software helps document your compliance with all vehicle warranty requirements.
  • FleetVIP software helps you comply with annual inspection dates and other legally required inspections.
  • Fleet maintenance software helps you plan when you want scheduled maintenance to occur.
  • FleetVIP software helps you avoid expensive repairs and downtime due to missed maintenance.
  • Fleet maintenance software enables you to have a detailed history of fleet maintenance performed, how much it cost and who did the work.
  • Fleet maintenance software helps you achieve the longest life possible from your vehicles.
  • Maximize resale value. The best way to impress a buyer that your vehicle was properly maintained and cared for is thorough documentation. Taking care of your car’s engine is great. But without proof, all that work won’t be worth much at trade-in time.
  • Reduce or eliminate outdated hardcopy vehicle maintenance forms and vehicle maintenance sheets.
  • Avoid costly dealer or shop packages that may include unnecessary expenses. According to AAA auto club, “To make matters worse, some service shops have their own set of service guidelines that call for more frequent service than is recommended by the manufacturer.”
  • Fleet maintenance software can make certain that you know what recommended maintenance is required and when.
  • FleetVIP software can easily print a complete vehicle maintenance log for any vehicle in your fleet maintenance database.
  • With numerous scheduled service items per vehicle, it is easy to miss a due date. FleetVIP fleet maintenance software solves that problem by providing automatic service reminders for you.


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